What are the Advantages of Promoting Amazon Products?


Amazon is one of the great affiliate programs on the internet but because it has quite a low commission percentage payout many people are hesitant to promote Amazon products. Is it really this issue of having a lesser commission per sale?

Well there are some people that don’t believe the reduced commission is a problem and in fact some people earn a full time income promoting Amazon products.

Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of promoting products through the Amazon affiliate program.

Amazon products sell themselves. The products obsessed about Amazon are usually being looked for so the customer already has purchasing the product in mind before they visit your website. The Amazon website is defined up to sell these products so all you have to do is send the customer to Amazon through your link and Amazon does the rest.

Although Amazon offers a low commission rate the rate does increase with the more sales that you make. Also there are many high priced products to promote so even at a low percentage commission the actual commission can be quite reasonable with high priced products. Graphic Design for Amazon

Customers will often buy other products while they are shopping at the Amazon website. Even if you are just promoting one product they may end up buying several, earning you more commissions. Even if you are promoting a lesser priced product your customer may sometimes purchase more costly products that you aren’t even promoting.

I myself have a website that promotes a particular book which only earn around 60c commission for each sale. But….. many of the customers that visit Amazon through that affiliate link have purchased more costly items earning me higher commissions. One customer bought a Kindle product earning me a nice commission on that sale.

When a customer is browsing Amazon they will sometimes remember something else that they wanted to buy and they go and get it. So you get a commission on the product you promote (assuming they bought that) as well as any other product they buy.

Amazon has a multitude of products to promote. There are thousands of different products to choose from to promote through the Amazon affiliate program. If you search you can often find some very nice products to promote with very little competition making it straightforward for your website to rank well and make many sales on that product.

Amazon products have great descriptions and reviews assisting you to get the information you need to add to your own website to promote that product. Although you shouldn’t copy the Amazon descriptions you can redo them into your own words and give your own ideas on the product.

Amazon products convert very well. The conversion rate on Amazon products is very high because Amazon is a trusted company that people are happy to buy from. Because the conversion rates are high you can make a lot of sales bringing you lots of commissions.

Some Amazon products will earn big commissions while others earn low commissions and one factor to your success can depend on the particular product that you determine to promote. The higher priced the product is the higher the commissions but also keep in mind how much competition there is for a product. Good Amazon products you can generate a great income with the Amazon affiliate program.

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