The Allure of the Premier League

The new English Premier Little league season is back and needs to gain momentum. The top collection of English football is arguably the most popular little league in the world, in terms of throngs, television audiences and quality of players. Spain’s La Liga division may claim that it has the best football offering in the world, but aside of Barcelona and Real Madrid, La Liga does not take on the Premiership on several counts.

It is difficult to essentially determine just what the actual allure of the Premier Little league is. Is it the standard of football on offer? Or is it classic created effective marketing from various large brand names? Either way, the Premiership attracts global television audiences in excess of 100 million per week, whilst up to half a million make there way to stadiums in the united states to watch the action live. Needs to be formula is to making the Premier Little league a success, it is clearly working.

The 2008/2009 season will be the Premier League’s 17th since its inauguration in 1992. During this time period, the little league has only seen four different teams win the title. Manchester U . s . has won it ten times, System three times; Chelsea twice and Blackburn were the anomaly that upset the principal trend of the big three when winning in 1995. Watch Premier League Live

Aside of Blackburn’s glory in 1995, the fact that only three teams have ever won the Premier Little league title makes the division almost like a monopoly amongst an elite of three club, thus making the little league less appealing, however, it has quite the contrary affect. Teams below the big three, (or with greater regularity referred to as the ‘big four’, when Liverpool are included) live in hope of breaking in to that elite group of teams, deemed to be in with a chance of winning the title. It is the anticipation and hope of the fans of the league’s other 16 teams that produce the Premiership interesting. Whilst the majority of these proponents will appreciate that it is a far flung dream, with many happy just to avoid relegation, thinking about one day being able to challenge at the very top end of the table will do to keep the turnstiles clicking. The selling point of for those fans sat at home and neutrals is actually the battle for the title, played out between the four big guns of the division, hence the coverage that these four receive on television.

It is also the top four that will generate the majority of discussion where the Premier Little league is concerned. Throughout the season, but especially at first, the question which team do you, or any football pundit conceivable, think will win the title. This year, the answer may very well be one of two teams, Manchester U . s . or Chelsea, with the occasional call that Liverpool or System may be able to upset the odds.

Chelsea made the better begin the opening weekend but there is still plenty of football to be played and the others will still be filled with anticipation despite Phil Scolari’s side being the bookmakers favourites. However, it is difficult to look beyond the Blues beeing the best equipped side to win this season’s title. Despite having won the title for just two consecutive years, Manchester U . s . will struggle to repeat the height of last season, a lot of which was established by and the goal reviewing form of Ronaldo. The Portuguese winger was at the hub of a transfer line between Man Utd and Real Madrid during the summer and coupled with a current operation, it is difficult to see him reaching the height of last year. Chelsea on the other hand has introduced a new manager and a couple of new players to the team which will see them live through much unrest at Stamford Bridge last term. System and Liverpool look likely to have to be satisfied with supporting roles once again.

Beyond the top four, two other combat exist, firstly one group of teams’ battle for Uefa Cup training course, whilst another handful of teams battle to avoid relegation. For fans of the other teams, if you do not are playing one of the big four, you can be optimistic about getting a result, it is a very competitive little league and there are many draws, which is ideal if you play the football costly. The person who you support in the Premiership or if you’re just a fan of watching football, the biggest attraction of this little league is guaranteed entertainment.

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