Popular Tourist Attractions in Zagreb


As you sort through the most effective things to accomplish in Zagreb, you’ll quickly discover a wonderful mix of Croatia’s past and the present. Counted among the top tourist attractions in Zagreb, the cultural and political centre of Croatia, are quirky museums, cobblestone streets, and historic churches. Zagreb can also be an energetic city filled with entertainment, dining, and shopping. Whether you intend to spend your day ambling problem streets, relaxing at a café, or gazing at beautiful historic architecture, there’s something among the key places to see in Zagreb for every single traveller.

Gornji grad, (Upper Town) and Donji grad (Lower Town) will be the cultural, religious, and commercial hubs of Zagreb. These are where a lot of the restaurants, bars and tourist sights are located. The Upper Town, which is the medieval core of the city, developed as two separate (and often warring) towns – Kaptol, the seat of the Bishop (where the imposing Cathedral now stands).

The massive Zagreb Cathedral, despite the countless updates, it’s still one of the very most impressive sights that you’ll likely see in your lifetime. Besides striking medieval architecture, Zagreb is known for its quirky museums. Case in point: the Museum of Broken Relationships. Among the more interesting items to see in Zagreb, the Museum of Broken Relationships isn’t the sole museum in the city. Nearby is the Museum of Naïve Art, which features artwork from untrained painters. Climb Lotrscak Tower and check out the city from above. The tower is at the the top of slope that marks the beginning of Upper Town. From the tower, you can get an extensive, sweeping view of Zagreb.

Zagreb sightseeing tours always start at Bana Jelacica in the centre of the city. In reality, a lot of the main roads lead from the square, rendering it easy to find your solution to if you obtain lost. Bana Jelacica is one of the main gathering spots in Zagreb. Like the majority of cities, one of best things to accomplish in Zagreb is always to eat. For hungry travellers, Dolac Market is a good spot to start. At Dolac Market you are also surrounded by shops, restaurants, and cafes, providing endless opportunities to drain your travel funds and fill your stomach.

St. Mark’s Church is at the the top of listing of Zagreb attractions. Gric Tunnel has an appealing history that places among the top ideas for what things to see in Zagreb.  Visit Zagreb for information about Cartagena tours guide. Also visit Wiki Travel Zagreb for more travel information.

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