Oppo A53 Smartphone

The sole challenge For the A 53 is it’s against the stiff competition, and also spending an additional #20 or 30 provides a good performance boost from rivals — but if you’d like to make every cent count, then this does the job well.

The Oppo A-53 is a solid budget with a 90Hz Display and strong battery. It’s probably no surprise to be aware that the oppo a53 isn’t a thrilling phone. However, it will not need to be anymore. It is alternatively an impressively competent mobile — just one that will not wow you but will deliver what demanded it regardless of bargain-basement price.

First up, the A 53 is. One of many modern waves of budget phones that don’t look the part — by that I am speaking about you could easily mistake this for an instrument worth several times the RRP.

For sale in black or Perchance a mint green, the A53 has a shiny plastic rear built to appear glass. It almost pulls off the key, even though the price you pay for that is the fact that it’s a real fingerprint magnet, and the plastic has gained several micro-abrasions and scrapes over 23 weeks with the telephone.

The 6.5from the Display is substantial, while maybe not too huge, and evidenced by comparatively slim bezels — though there is a small bigger chin at the base. A punch-hole selfie camera completes the quasi-flagship aesthetic in the top-left corner.

This screen is one Of several A 53’s advantages as it comes with a high 90Hz refresh rate — nonetheless strange in economical mobiles, though becoming more prevalent. It isn’t OLED, of course, but the greater tradeoff is settlement: it’s just 720p. How much matters onto a screen that size continues to be up for debate, though, and that I suspect many users may love the smoothness of this refresh rate speed more than they had Full HD anyway.

The key design element that gives the device’s real price purpose is possibly exactly that in 8.4mm thick, so it seems somewhat glowing. However, Oppo was doing better to curve the borders to help maintain the device comfortable to keep. In 186g, it is maybe not overweight either, though you’ll not call it lightweight.

There is no Waterproofing to talk of. However, the upside of that is that you still get yourself a real headset jack — increasingly rare even in funding apparatus, but vital for everybody who hasn’t made the upgrade to a wireless headset.

On the phone, The cost point becomes somewhat more obvious. In the middle is your Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 chipset, which in the united kingdom comes paired together with 4GB of RAM and a measly 64GB storage — even though other SKUs can be bought everywhere.

Performance is fine. The telephone runs well enough, and it has never crashed or suspended in a time I have been using it. Switching between apps could be slow; with just 4GB RAM, it may simply just hold one or two apps in memory in a time, slowing things down further

I likely wouldn’t consider using it to playing any games more advanced than Candy Crush, either. As You will see from the benchmark success, it combats to furnish frame rates above 30fps even in the absolute most basic image benchmarks.

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