Online Video Ads and Consumer Response

Online video ads are viewed excellent for branding. But, the DoubleClick findings claim that online video ads perform very well even on direct response metrics like click-through rate. While image ads have click-through rates of 0. 1%. Online video ads in comparison have click-through rates often 0. 74%. Paying for them is only 0. 6% of their TV counterparts. Online video ads spending should see a spike if publishing networks can discover a way of targeting videos contextually. US promoters are expected to spend $775 million on online video ads this year.

Online video consumption has been increasing with 62% internet surfers viewing buffering video content once a week. Most of the consumers prefer watching buffering video content at home. Content most viewed online include news videos (62%), movie trailers (38%) and music videos (34%). Users in the age group 18-34 may watch movies, Television shows and user-generated content online. These users are also more likely to generate video content. In comparison users over 35 years are buffering more news videos, sports videos and user-generated content. 69% of internet surfers buffering online video content are above 35 years. YouTube Vanced

Individuals are 8% more likely to view to end video ads that are 15 seconds long compared to those that are 30 seconds long. However, the 30 second pre-roll video ad format slightly outperforms the 5- and 15- second ad formats in terms of CTR.

Individuals are more receptive to advertising appearing in informational videos as compared to entertainment videos. As individuals are already searching for content related to a service or product, they would are more receptive to relevant advertising. Content-rich videos websites have click-through rates of 0. 72% in comparison to premium websites which have click-through rates of 0. 35%. Consumers say they may view through ads (visit advertised sites without clicking on ads) than click-through.

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