Need to Knows When Buying Cheap Treadmills

When buying cheap treadmills or any treadmill there are certain things you should keep in mind. For the most part cheap treadmills aren’t going to come with all the frills that you find in the expensive treadmills. The cheaper treadmills will mostly come with just the main necessities.

The cheapest treadmill you will be able to get is a manual treadmill. You can really get a good workout with these because you doing all the work. Not only are you working your walk or run, but you are also working the treadmill belt since you are the one that’s actually making it turn. With a manual treadmill you don’t have a motor to think about, but you want to make sure that you it has a good and that the treadmill is sturdy. You want to make sure it can take whatever you plan to dish out. Whether you plan to walk or do some running. ลู่วิ่งราคาถูก

The higher end of the cheap treadmills do come with motors that run the belt thus taking a little work out of your workout. These motorized treadmills give you more to look for when purchasing cheap treadmills. The motor itself is the most important thing to look at. You don’t want the motor to burn out too quickly. You want a motor that’s at least 2. 0 HP continuous duty motor. This should be adequate for good performance and long life of the treadmill.

As far as the belt, try to get a 2 ply surface belt with a minimum width of 17 inches with a length of at least 48 inches if you only plan to walk, but 60 inches if you’re a runner or you have long legs. A good treadmill belt can also improve cushioning, protect your joints and add to your treadmill life.

The last thing we’ll look at is the treadmill frame. Treadmill frames are made of either steel or aluminum, both have advantages and disadvantages. Steel is heavier than aluminum, which increases stability however it may also rust or corrode from sweat. Aluminum is more expensive, but it doesn’t rust or corrode. Treadmill frames can be welded or bolted. Welded frames are better in that they provide more stability than bolted frames.

If you are going to be physically shopping for cheap treadmills be sure to wear loose, comfortable clothing and workout shoes so you can try out the machines. When thinking about buying cheap treadmills whatever kind it is manual or motorized you want it to be able accommodate your weight and height.

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