It is a Decision That will Affect Their Health — Pet Food

Over time, it has become increasingly apparent that we need to watch what we eat in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle and reduce the effects of aging and diseases by the body processes. Our pets are in the same position even as are. By eating foods that are hard to process, full of chemicals or contain little nutritional value, we are reducing the quality and the length of life of mans best ally.

Consider if we were to live on a diet completely made from man made materials and empty calories, or what we would call unhealthy foods. Because of this lifestyle, our wellbeing would suffer. We might be more likely to suffer from disease and reduce our life expectancy considerably. The same applies to our pets, and often without our knowing it, we are the main cause of this problem.

Buying dog foods from the supermarket ledge is in the same as buying unhealthy foods for us; many dog foods contain chemical and flavor enhancers, the food which is often poor in quality, and most definitely not suitable for human consumption. basics flavors food topper

The process in which many dog foods are made includes rigorous cooking techniques, which kills the natural colorings and flavors in the food. The result is that your pet may be eating artificial colors and flavors as well as missing out on the nutritional value of quality wholesome ingredients needed to live a healthy life.

The best way to find out what it is you are feeding your pet is to investigate the things that are in the dog food; the first five ingredients listed on the label are the main content of the food. If the dog food contains by-products it’s usually parts of animals that are lower in protein and not really good for your pet, for example, ground feet, bone fragments and intestines.

Look out for preservative chemicals used to keep the food from ruining; these are called BHA and BHT. Grains, such as hammer toe, wheat, gluten, and soy are also very difficult for your pet to process, and are used as a protein source, instead of meat products.

Ideally, a pet food should contain wholesome things that are straightforward for your pet to process; the main ingredient should be meat, quality meat that is fit for human consumption. Vegetables, anti oxidants, bacteria cultures, and protenated vitamins should also be at the top of the list. Grains are not ideal for pets, except for whole grain brown hemp, which is straightforward for your pet to process as well as helping to promote a healthy coat.

All of these impressive ingredients are useless, unless a proper technique without any colorings and flavorings are used. Pet food should be baked in a manner that locks in the protein, vitamins, and fibers immediately, without necessity for artificial ingredients to be added.

Your pet deserves the chance to live a healthy lifestyle, just the same as its owners do. By providing nutritional, healthy wholesome premium dog and cat food for your pet, you can show your best friends how much you really care for them.

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