Fun Information about SMS Communication

We are all familiar with the magic of TXT, aren’t we? A unique phenomenon that started more than 2 decades ago and continues to remain popular, TXT is undoubtedly an important feature of a mobile. From the simple phones to the touch screen phones, every mobile has an in-built TXT feature and so messaging happens to be one of the most used icons on your mobile phone menu. But, the TXT even as know it today is very not the same as how it was actually introduced. Having underwent several changes, TXT established several milestones in more than two decades of its existence.

For anybody who don’t know it, here is a sneak-peak into the fun information about TXT communication:

Pagers inspired the creation of TXT

Before TXT became popular, people used to rely on pagers. However, the sad part about pagers was that you could only send numbers and no messages. It was in this situation that experts identified the requirement of being able to send messages and worked towards inventing the TXT facility.

First message sent in 1993

Initially, the mobile phone companies never believed that people would not be so pleased with the texting facility particularly when they could talk in the flesh. Therefore, using TXT was restricted to internal communication only. But, gradually things begun to change and the first official TXT decided in 1993. Online SMS-Mailings programm

Becomes popular in 1999

In the first few years, users of one particular mobile phone service provider could send TXT just to numbers registered under that service provider. However, many years later in 1999, it was possible to send SMS’s to rival phone networks as well. This is when people recognized the ability of TXT and the convenience that this feature triggerred. Soon, enough TXT became a sensation!

It is the second most popular feature used in mobile phones

Yes! Believe it or not, texting is the second most popular feature that is suited for mobile phones. The first place continues to be earmarked for the time checking feature of the mobile.

The word length was decided by a postcard

Postcards don’t have much space to write and are meant to inform people. Even SMS’s were designed on similar lines with a 160 character limit so that people could send across all the basic information instead of describing the situation in more detail.

People election on text messages

It was in 2003 that the media guys realized the ability of texting when a Western european vocal tournament introduced a unique feature whereby the audience could election for their favorite contestants through texting. It was an immediate hit and continues to be used asap.

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