Details about CCSP Certification

Cisco certified security professional certification is one of certification that candidates from an information technology background will select this system for seeking a job change. Certification is specially designed for the candidates who wanted to demonstrate the advance familiarity with execution and designing Cisco networks and also gain skills in areas that is included in firewall, security management, VPN and attack prognosis systems etc. The major selling point of this certification is that the candidates who have completed with this certification get first preference during the recruitment process of any top fortune multinational companies.

Requirements for CCSP certification:

There is a prerequisite required for CCNA certification to the candidates who wish to certify with this certification and the only prerequisite is certifying with CCNA certification. For certifying with this certification, 3 assessments are mandatory and 1 aesthetic is also required. 642-504 (SNRS), 642-524 (SNAF) and 642-533 (IPS) are the three mandatory examinations. 642-591 (CANAC), 642-545 (MARS) and 642-515 (SNAA) are the three aesthetic papers and candidates can select any one of the aesthetic examinations. Data protection exam

CCSP certification job roles to the candidates:

Candidates who have completed their CCSP certification program can get several jobs in top most information technology companies. Senior technical support electrical engineer, jr technical support electrical engineer, enterprise structure architect and technical support consultant are some of the job roles involved in this certification. Candidates who have extra knowledge can get use their skills by getting put in higher positions as well.

Average salary for CCDP cases:

As on 2007, average salary for this CCSP certification is about 56, 000 USD/year. Salary differs in candidate’s experience, performance level as well as in GPA. If the performance is very good and also if candidate seems to have some minimum of three years of experience then the salary can range up to 80, 000 USD/year and up.

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