Are Online Casinos Rigged?


With the growth of internet scams and rip-offs associated with the online industry, people are becoming cautious in engaging from various forms of online transactions including online casinos. Some people believe that games here are rigged in favor of generating large profit for the casino. That is true to some extent much like any other regulated playing games out there. The most interesting part is that most people are not at all concerned whether it’s rigged or not. What matters to them is to achieve the opportunity to win and grow successful at it.

When i said “rigged”, I am talking about that mathematically, the house always has more advantage than the players. This means that the probability of winning that sought-after jackpot is there but then again, playing at a long period of time increases the probability of some long losing blotches.

The question that most people have in mind is if online casinos present similar chances with their land based equivalents. One of the major differences between the two is how fast the games are increasingly being played. Let us tell of blackjack as an example for this. บาคาร่า มือถือ

If you have a $100 to play blackjack at a land based casino, it can last you for at least an hour considering the number of hands that you will be dealt with. You can lose this sum of money in as fast as five minutes on an online casino depending on the speed that will commiserate your playing experience. When this happens, the online casino players think and think that the game is in fact rigged. Here is another way of looking at it:

At a land based casino, a blackjack table has at least 5-7 players and including bets time, the fastest speed you can play at is a hand a minute or 60 hands an hour. That’s not an issue with online casinos because you don’t have to necessarily wait for other players to create a bet with. Also, human dealers are not as fast as their computer counterpart when it comes to dealing the cards since more often than not they have to shuffle the cards hand. Essentially, it is undoubtedly average to play a hand every 10 seconds or 360 hands an hour in an online casino.

It is important to conduct an investigation to determine what the top rated online casinos on the web are to see casino reviews in order to know which of them are rated best. With the right information at hand, you are likely to play at the one which practices fair gaming with fair likelihood of you winning.

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